Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Cathy Boom

Swiss-born Cathy Boom has lived intermittently in Berlin for almost a quater of a decade. Some fourteen years ago she settled down with her boyfriend, designer JayBo, and their daughter in a fantastic apartment overlooking Hasenheide in Kreuzberg. She appreciates the German capital for it’s unconventional, raw and incomplete character.

Together with music editor, Christian Tjaben, and JayBo Monk, this skilled fashion editor founded the magazine “Style and the Family Tunes” in 1993. Contrary to the contemporary nineties techno scene in Berlin Mitte, Cathy established a magazine inspired by hip hop, acid jazz, fashion and pop culture in the wild east of the city.

After publishing the final issue of the magazine in 2011, Cathy continues to stay true in her approach to present imagery and elements from her surrounding environment. In cooperation with her brother Patrick Andrist in 2012 she went on to found the fashion project “I Wish U Sun“. With the sale of every item, this project supports a charity in Bangladesh to provide eye operations for the blind.

The whole conversation with Cathy Boom will be available in English soon.

This portrait is part of our ongoing collaboration with ZEIT Online who presents a special curation of our pictures on their site. Have a look here.

Photography: Ailine Liefeld
Text: Meltem Toprak

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